Subliminal Messages: What Are They?

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What people are not aware of is every day they receive thousands of messages. However, not all of them are heard. A good number are seen, felt, or smelled; but they have not gone through the conscious mind that they are often ignored. These types of ignored messages are called subliminal messages.

What Are Subliminal Messages?

For you to understand them a lot better, you have to know two general states of mind. These are consciousness and unconsciousness.

You have a conscious mind if youre very much aware of everything you perceive with your senseswhat you hear, see, feel, and smell. The information you can derive from them can be processed, and from the results, you can identify what type of information you have received.

Heres an illustration: Your partners perfume overturned and spilled on the floor. Even when your partner is around, you will know that its hers because of the distinct smell the liquid emitted. In fact, you would also have an idea of the brand, especially if you have smelled the same fragrance several times before.

When your mind is said to be conscious, you have the choice to make logical and rational reasoning. After all, all the piece of information you need to have to come up with the soundest decision are available to you.

Its a complete opposite when you are in a subconscious or unconscious state. Now, being unconscious doesnt have to mean youre asleep. This refers to the level of the mind that is so deep its not often tapped every day. However, its there and can store plenty of information that can affect your conscious mind. These types of information are what you can call subliminal messages.

Subliminal messages are defined as words, sounds, or images that directly go through the subconscious mind without passing through your conscious level. In the process, they are immediately stored in the mind, as you dont give yourself time to process data youve just received.

How Does It Work

Subliminal messages are actually used in different ways, most notably in the areas of psychology, healing, and advertising.

Here are some of the examples:

1. A lot of hospitals and prisons actually utilize the color pink, which they call pink rooms. They bring in people who are suffering from headaches or tantrums there since the color has calming effect. Thus, when you see the color pink, you immediately begin to release your tensed nerves, because subconsciously you associate it with calmness.

2. No one completely understands the logo of Target, saving for the fact it looks like a target for a dart game. But if you can see, the color red is given so much emphasis, almost occupying the entire space. What you dont know is as long as you continuously see the color and the word Target with it, you will soon associate red with the brand.

3. Self-hypnosis and visualization techniques allow you to plant subliminal messages into your own mind to help settle issues such as anxiety and addiction.
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Subliminal Messages: What Are They?

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This article was published on 2011/02/23