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This is not a new subject, and has a wide scope - a phenomenon that had spread like a wild fire after the movie "What The Bleep Do We Know" and "The Secret". Soon after various other organizations mushroomed to join in the band wagon. Michael J. Losier later broke down all the confusion in his book "The Law of Attraction". But I have also learned very recently that Jessica La Rock from The Universe of Power Team has broken it down even more logically. Well illustrated in her book 'Road Map to Success'.

I agree with all of their theories & philosophies, however I can not seem to agree that in many part of their teaching it is made to look like magic. What I do appreciate from all of them is that, there is still a deeper science in a our belief system that we as modern being have yet to comprehend. That asking, visualizing and feeling ones desires and intentions alone is not enough. I like what T. Harv Eker said in his seminar "The Millionaire's Mind" that by visualizing money, a million bucks is not going to fall on our lap. It takes an action and a paradigm shift on our believes about money (or wealth/health/success). Harv elaborates that one have to reset his 'blueprint' about money, before taking an inspired action.

From my observation of most success stories, I noticed that most of the successful people, each of them seems to have had a sad or painful episode. There is a certain suffering and regret they went through, where at which point of time they were pushed to a corner. At this nick of time, being in the lowest of emotion, shut-off from everything, they make a key decision. They make a promise, a declaration, a plan with such a great intensity and feelings, that the mind starts to reprogram his entire believe system. The mind kicks into a defense system to deliver what he/she just promised. An affirmation made with such feeling, emotion, need and desperation. All information, clues, images and voices to support his/her affirmation within the next several days come rushing in. Every action taken over any of these input can be executed with such ease and precision, that a new form starts to snowball.

Yes, there is some sort of energy that a human radiates. Whet er or not there is an interaction with the universe, a physical action is still required. Expect no magic, it is all within the mind, intentions and action. We have to take the torch, the initiative.

So then how does a person, whom have not suffered can now apply this LOA. What if I'm happy with my life, but I just want more? How can I fake a suffering (or the intense need) to activate my mind. This is where I am stuck deep. Logically, our subconscious mind wont approve. It responds to our 'intense visualization' as, are you kidding? Therefore I turn to active meditation for the answer. Quiet the mind, be in the now and shut-up the second me, so that I can manifest my affirmations. There is a risk though, as one find peace through mediation, life will eventually seem good enough as it is. Able to manage stress and happiness pretty well without abundance of cash. One will realize that with all the crazy things that are happening around them; it may not be worth at all to chase for wealth.

These and more of such are the key information I'm trying to understand. My next plan is to study all the books by Eckhart Tolle, meditate like a Zen Master and find the connecting point between science and believe. See... all the the spiritual masters are rich and all the rich are not spiritual, with some exceptions. Why is that?

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Mind Power 2012

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This article was published on 2010/04/02