Marriage Of Minds

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Marriage Of Minds

Amidst intense activity the warrior aspired for serenity and tranquility.

He could find no other way than to fight.

He has to fight the battle and win the war.

At any cost he has to perform better amidst all the bars.

The mind was slowly dislodged from him.

It went high up in to the sky inspite of adverse winds.

In a cool and beautiful place the warrior felt his mind.

He saw his mind loving simillar minds in the universe.

First and foremost was that his mind was loving the universal mind.

There was a perfect union between his mind and the divine mind.

The essence of the universal mind was transfered to his mind.

He felt astounding powers within him.

When the essence of the universal mind entered in to his mind all his negetives were  flushed out.

All his worries,anxieties and griefs were shaken off.

He felt calmer and diviner and went ahead up on the ladder.

The universal essence beautified his life and he felt brighter.

Then in that cool place he saw similllar minds since his childhood till date.

The meeting of minds filled all his thoughts,words and deeds with beautiful essence.

The minds of dears and nears merged in to an unified whole.

He was sure of winning the battle and reach his goal.

His beloved with all her beauty appeared in that cool place.

The marriage of his mind with that of his beloved removed all his worriesand tiredness.

His beloved,the tranquilizer of his life gave him all happiness.

He was able to finish all his tasks with all cheerfulness.

The marriage of his mind with the mind of his beloved filled his mind with universal essence.

In the silence of the night he saw his beloved with all beauty and magnificence.

There was a perfect embrace  wchich took away all his tiredness.

In between the embrace of his beloved he felt all the universal essence.

The marriage of minds thus protect him all the time.

He feels serene and tranquil when the mind is dislodged from him.

The mind loves the things and the beings of the world.

He works with all sincerity and dedication and gets his due rewrad.

The marriage is much sacred which keeps him all the time elevated.

The marriage ceremony becomes more exciting as the divine graces.

The presence of the divine gives joy to his mind and his beloved's mind.

The union between the two minds seek the blessings of the divine.

The divine blesses and both flourishes.

He offers his gratitude to his beloved and feels all brightness.

The marriage brings a sacred union of both.

He works with courage and confidence with all hopes.

In the silence of the night he looks to the infinite space.

He becomes able to discover the place where the marriage of minds took place.

He feels to fly high up in the sky and experinces the auspicious marriage.

The marriage gives him all the rest.

The dawn comes with the glorious sun to bless the marriage.

The warrior wakes up and for that day's duty prepares himself.

He forgets all pain feeling the marriage amidst intense activity.

Going high up on the success ladder he sees a life full of beauty.

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Marriage Of Minds

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This article was published on 2012/04/03