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Do some people really know how to read a mind?

Let me start by saying that each of us has that 'personal private space' which we call our thoughts. Our physical privacy can be violated. Someone may look through the keyhole of your bedroom as you change your clothes. Someone may scan the messages in your inbox without you knowing it. Someone can even go as far as snoop in your bedroom, looking for your oh-so-treasured diary where you express your most utmost feelings. All these are manifestations of your physical privacy being violated. It does happen, and it doesn't show signs of not happening in the near future.

But how about our minds? Can people (not literally) open our minds and read what it contains? Can you look at someone's eyes for 20 seconds, stare deep enough in those pupils and actually reach his mind? Is it really possible? Where science can bombard you with scientific terminologies and theories that are sure to confuse you, here are ordinary answers which hopefully, can shed some light into this issue. At the end is a realization that you have hopefully found after reading this article.

First thing's first: The person whose mind you attempt to read must not want his mind to be read. It's useless to read his mind if he is more than willing to freely express his thoughts. In this case, you wouldn't be needing tips on how to read a mind. Once you've established that the person really does not want you to read his mind, proceed by asking the simple questions.

For instance, if you're married, and it's already 2 in the morning and your partner hasn't come home yet, once he or she actually arrives home, DO NOT bombard him with intrusive questions. Instead, ask him simple, plain ones. You can begin by asking "So, how was the event you attended?"

By asking questions like these, your partner wouldn't get the impression that you're trying to investigate his coming home late. He would feel that you're actually just plainly asking. Couple this question with a smile, and it's more than probable that your partner would feel that you're really just asking, not probing.

If asking simple questions does not cut it, you can switch to using simple caring statements. Sweet nothings like "I was beginning to be worried. You should have texted me" can really do the trick and squeeze the truth out of someone. These heart-wrenching lines, whether you really meant them or not, are almost guaranteed to make a person spill his beans.

One thing has to be made clear here: The two methods expressed here are not fool-proof ways on how to read a mind. In reality, there hasn't been a proven way to read a person's mind. There is a reason why each person's 'personal private space' remains exactly that - 'personal and private' - after thousands of years of human existence. These methods are just less intrusive (thus more effective) ways of forcing the truth out of someone who's determined to hide it. After all, sometimes knowing the truth beats the hell out of having some mystical mind reading power.

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How to Read a Mind

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This article was published on 2010/03/28