How to Have Successful Thoughts to Create a Successful Life

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How do you create successful thoughts to create a successful life? I will you know more about the way you should follow.

 Have you ever wondered why your mind finds itself predominantly focused on the negative? Well it is because your conscious mind is the captive audience of your unconscious mind and everything that erupts or emerges from there. You see, your negative thoughts, as toxic fumes wafting up from a sewer are generated in the unconscious mind and from there they exert a "pressure" onto the conscious mind where they then intrude unannounced.

You know this to be true deep down because you also know that you are not consciously "choosing" to have such thoughts, rather you feel annoyed by them and very much enslaved to them when they take over your conscious awareness. If you were actually "choosing" such thoughts then that awareness alone would actually make you feel empowered because then you could simply stop them.

The fact of the matter though is that you cannot permanently stop them can you. If you could, if anyone could, not only would you not be drawn to this article but also the entire "positive affirmation industry" would become redundant and irrelevant.

Therefore, having come this far does it piques your interest to find out what is generating those negative thoughts there in your unconscious mind. Well, as we said it could not be you, even if you believe that, as some might suggest, "you are choosing unconsciously to generate them". Such a belief is utterly nonsensical because when one is unconscious one has no awareness of being able to choose anything!

Those negative thoughts are generated by the storehouse of negative memories that make up your so-called life history. They are stored there inside you like a huge "computer virus file" that periodically interferes with the operating system. In order to stop the flow of negative thoughts into your conscious mind it becomes imperative to clean house, so to speak i.e. to erase or un-install those negative memories.

This is now possible with a new process, which does just this, erase negative memories, effortlessly, painlessly and permanently. When one undertakes such a process, interesting things happen. The erasure of a negative memory actually helps to restore the emotional "balance" that was lost when those memories initially got stored within.

That balance is associated with positive feelings of joy, contentment, optimism, confidence, resilience, and empowerment and so on. These feelings automatically help to also restore one's peace of mind and one's "positive mind". The rest is a "success" history as they say.

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How to Have Successful Thoughts to Create a Successful Life

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This article was published on 2010/04/03