Do You Have Monkey Mind? 4 Steps That Create Focus

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Does something steal your thoughts and take you somewhere that you find yourself wondering, how did I get here? Don't worry, This is a common theory that even the most successful Internet business owners had to overcome.

What does the Monkey Mind do? Causes you to jump from one topic to the next like a monkey in a tree.

What needs to happen is the following.

Control the thoughts that create a domino effect in your mind. These emotions race away with your thoughts and steal all your focus.

How to combat these thought stealing emotions. Focus on your breathing as a tool to remain in the present moment rather than letting your monkey mind take over.

Build a focused environment to allow yourself to become the most productive and focused person as possible.

Common challenges that plague entrepreneurs and create these thoughts. Web site not working? Not getting the traffic to your site? Content not converting? Not getting the rankings you were promised! The list goes on...

This describes well over 78% of all website and blog owners on the internet.

You started your website but no traffic so you get discouraged and moved on to the next best thing. What needs to be done is develop a system for staying on the same path and being persistent in finding a solution to your challenge!

Keep marching towards your goals. If you don't have any goals then you need to start there. No goals will lead you directly to the Monkey Mind!

4 ways to rid your life of unproductive patterns of behavior!

1) Create a Clean Focus - created by Peter Drucker in the book The Effective Executive

Book in summary, Work in focused chunks or blocks of uninterrupted time min 2hrs. Do 1 thing during that time period. Do not deviate!

2) Humans operate in rhythms - Tony Schwartz book The Power of Full Engagement

Ultradian rhythms: The number of hours in a day is fixed, but the quantity and quality of energy available to us is not.

Each of us has cycles of energy in our bodies that ebb and flow. Becoming aware of these optimum time periods will boost ones performance.

Each cycle lasts for plus/minus 2 hrs. Leveraging and maximizing the peak of this energy before it subsides.

Most of us will go drink coffee and blast right through this down cycle. This only creates mental fatigue and unproductive time in your work day.

How to combat this is by using the Pulse Method. Focus for 2 hrs and then take a clean break, repeat and focus for 2 hrs and take another clean break.

3) Develop Routines which structure and plan your day.

Structure and plan the more important and difficult things at the same time every day. Do these first as a way to get them accomplished and they become routine in getting you results. This creates a daily on ramp to do the task and an off ramp.

It comes down to we are creatures of habits and routines. It's just reorganizing your day in a way to create a systematic routine which over time will produce massive results.

4) The Paradox of Success - John O'Neal

Renew yourself, for the type A's in the house! Typically we work ourselves into thinking we need to work more and become addicted to it. We then lose touch with why we got into business in the first place.

Take Time to Renew, 1-2 good days away from your business. Give your mind a chance to revive itself!

These 4 simple steps will allow you to stay on track and remain focused.

The most important person to your business is you. If you have not create a well thought out plan for each for every day then you need to take a step back and refocus. Continuing on this unfocused path only brings you further and further away from your dreams. Start right now and commit to rebuilding your goals and commitment to your business.

Gary Rust is a Internet Niche Marketing Specialist. Today more than ever entrepreneurs face immense competition. As the Internet evolves your skills will greatly determine your fate as a Internet marketer.

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Do You Have Monkey Mind? 4 Steps That Create Focus

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This article was published on 2010/12/01