Connection Between Mind& Body - The Missing Link to Total Health

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The connection between mind and body is often the missing link to total health. All collective entities function as an integrated unit. The weakened state or degeneration of any individual component affects both other components and the entirety. To keep the physical self functioning at peak efficiency, we have found that the raw living foods diet is superior to any other.

By becoming an informed "healthophile", you have a better chance of scuttling a health problem than someone who is blissfully unaware of her dietary transgressions. You are what you eat, and you must learn the rules immediately, or you will find yourself degenerating inveterately. This apparently complex subject must be mastered by constant self-education.

Given the contemporary glut of information about health, those who want to experience perfect health confront a challenging situation.

Never forget that your mind is a critical component of your health. You must train your mind to function positively rather than let it run wild into negative patterns. The critical component of ourselves that is, the "mind-body connection", continues to receive more and more attention and respect.

We are confronted by the disturbing premise that - although we may be faithfully applying all the correct principles at the physical level - it isn't enough. The mind - which often defies our most concerted efforts to discipline and check its errant and forbidden imaginings - can sabotage even the most scientifically correct nutritional program.

It seems that -even thought you might observe the minutest details of the perfect diet - your mind can impede the positive results that you have the right to expect. It's impossible for you to expect a positive outcome when you do the right things but think the wrong thoughts.

It is possible that the mind is the principal element in our quest for comprehensive health.

Your body's recuperative powers are definitely linked to your mental state. Research has revealed that all manifestations of negative emotions and other negative mental states significantly undermine your body's ability to regenerate itself. What is the elusive ingredient of your constitution that facilitates and enhances recovery?

It has historically been believed that the body functions independently of one's mind. On the contrary, however, the human mind exerts a power influence on even the minutest of cells. Not only is the conscious mind involved, but so is the subconscious mind.

Hatred, resentment, doubt, revenge, duplicity, anxiety, fear, and the other psychological saboteurs and mental "terrorist" must be identified as aliens determined to subvert our sincere efforts to regain health. Once they are confronted as the treacherous, treasonous saboteurs of the mind that they are, they can be expunged, eliminated, eradicated, and exterminated by conscious, decisive effort.

The brain is a physical component of the body, much like a muscle in your arm or leg that also responds to the mind's bidding. The muscle is not the mind, just as the brain is not the mind. What is this mind that inhabits the body and uses it to fulfill its wishes and desires? Can this intangible something by YOU, your real being or identity?

Some people become uncomfortable venturing into the realms of parapsychology and metaphysics, preferring to retreat rather than to explore them. Everyone has experienced unusual and unexplainable phenomena; and, when enough of these occurrences have accumulated, one eventually seeks answers that will shed some light on the mystery and enable him to enter the exclusively mental realm in which comprehensive creativity and power exist. We all possess an unused and untapped potential for creativity and spiritual development, including intuitive abilities that neutralize and eradicate even the barriers of time because, in fact, such barriers are illusory.

By tackling the problem of detoxifying the mind, we learn that we can use various effective experimental tools consistently and successfully. Some people have discovered that laughter is an effective tool to disgorge those mental gremlins that cause so much mischief. Other people have found that a fixed program of daily meditation, prayer or relaxation produces beneficial results. In any case, it is evident that the mind is of paramount necessity in our quest for total health.

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Connection Between Mind& Body - The Missing Link to Total Health

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This article was published on 2010/04/02