Alcoholism Treatment With Hypnosis

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We’ve all heard experts tell us just how powerful our mind are, but very few of us are really aware of how our sub conscious minds affect and control our lives. Its been said that on a mental level we are like robots and even though we think we can control our lives with our decisions, we rarely do. Our minds are unique in that we have 2 distinct “systems” that control every single part of our physical and emotional lives.

The conscious mind is responsible for everything that we consciously do and think. When you make a conscious and a deliberate decision, its your conscious mind that responds. The problem is that this conscious part of the mind only accounts for about 5% of your actions. The rest is controlled by the subconscious mind. this is the part of the mind that controls all of the millions of processes that occur in your body all the time. Its estimated that at any give point in time there are more than 5 million processes happening in your body and each one of these are coordinated with each of the other.

Imagine how smart and how clever this subconscious part of your mind really is. One of the major challenges we all face is with bad habits. Habits exist in the subconscious mind and they’ve become conditioned responses that happens almost automatically. By nature, habits are good and they are there to help us function much more efficiently. The problem is when we adopt destructive habits.

Since the subconscious can’t reason and decide like the conscious mind can, these destructive habits are implemented in your life just like any other good habit. Alcoholism is a very good example. It becomes a habit that has a very strong emotional and physical connotation and the fact that it helps you deal with many issues (even if its destructive) means that your subconscious will use it whenever something comes up in your life.

Breaking these subconscious patterns like with alcoholism can be very hard if you try and do it with your conscious mind alone. You may have the desire to break the habit, but subconsciously the pattern is too strong. This is where hypnosis can be a great help. Hypnosis is a method that allows you to tap into the subconscious directly. Not only is it the fastest way to break these habits but its very powerful because it tackles the problem at the root.

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Alcoholism Treatment With Hypnosis

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This article was published on 2010/12/08